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"Nurse, excuse me... uhh... where do you
plan to put all of that?"

This is the second page of enema products! We have so much enema equipment (and more on the way!), so we had to make a second section to handle the uhh... overflow!

This page has the accessories used with enema equipment, such as the Higginson Enema Syringe, enema tips, extra hose, rectal and colon tubesconnectors, hose clamps, disposable enemas and more of the products you seek for the complete kinky enema clinic! 

Be sure to visit the main enema page, if you haven't already... there you will find one gallon enema bag kits, smaller  enema bags, double balloon enema inflating nozzle, enema nozzles , G-I-A-N-T enema nozzles ... 

Check out the Enema Play page, too, for more information on safe and sane enema scene play! And of course,  don't forget the heavy duty hose clamps, connectors and adapters, the latex gloves and Surgical Lubricant!

 More Enemas

Enemas and douches have been a part of hygiene and health for centuries! But in our kinky little BDSM medical scene world, it takes on a whole new twist! You can use the douche attachment on our 10 ounce douche syringe for vaginal pre-play cleansing then switch to the enema butt plug nozzle for anal cleaning!

Our enema kit is just the attitude adjuster for that unruly patient! It's a complete ensemble of enema bag, hose, vaginal and rectal nozzles and a handy hanging hook!

 Hook it up to one of our IV Stands and watch the waterworks! 


So many choices... what's a naughty patient to do?

Our One Gallon Enema Bag Sets:
available in Red or Black Rubber and Clear Silicone!

One Gallon Silicone Bag Kit
Click above for details of set
One Gallon Silicone Enema Bag Complete Kit  
Originally designed and developed in 1991 this incredible, transparent silicone one gallon enema bag has been out of circulation (pardon the pun!) since 1993... but now they are back! ...and we are so excited to offer such a unique Medical Toys enema product!

Silicone is a much more expensive material than rubber or latex, due to its properties which are not effected by time, heat or chemicals thus, not as fragile as rubber. It is undoubtedly the very best enema bag that you can buy. We sell it alone or with the complete kit as seen above with the Rubber One Gallon Enema

One Gallon Silicone Enema Set

Item #300-9012 
Price: $210.00 $195.00



Not sure about what the "FR"  (stands for French) converts to in the metric or inches?  Well, here's our handy FR Conversion Chart:


Nurse Cindy with the Chrome Syringe... ahhh!

What they use chrome syringes for in "real medicine"...

"...You may find that some medical practitioners still use a metal or chrome syringe, which looks like a small bicycle pump. The metal syringe and pulsed water-jet system both use water to try to move the wax and clear the ear. But the use of a metal syringe is no longer a recommended method, as it is much less controlled than using a pulsed water-jet system, and it has been known to damage people's ears. Although you may find it difficult to question the doctor, make sure you find out what method they will use to syringe your ears before syringing takes place. If the doctor is going to use a metal syringe, you should say quite firmly that you want them to use the pulsed water-jet system. You should also feel free to get a second opinion."

Housk Randall Demask photo - enema
Gorgeous black & white enema photo by Housk Randall for Demask Latex

What they use Colon Tube Usage for in "real medicine" ...

"...The Colon (large intestine) is the penultimate stage in the digestive system. It is designed to absorb many vitamins and minerals, carried through the intestinal lining on water, drawn from the foods being digested. The Colon is also the body's primary eliminatory channel for toxins and metabolic waste. Habitual eating of cooked and refined foods encourages the regular secretion of mucous along the whole of the intestine, furthermore, it destroys the fiber necessary to keep the bowel swept clean, thus the Colon becomes clogged with old debris. Once blocked, the backing-up of material puts pressure on the bowel wall distorting it tremendously, then our earliest social trainings have left it sorrowfully cramped with pent-up emotions, further inhibiting the movement of waste matter, and blocking optimal absorption of nutrients through the membrane."

Enema Bag IV Stand and Ballet Shoes

Inflatable Butt Plug
Enema Nozzle, Rubber Tipped Forceps,
I.V. Stand and sexy Mary Jane Ballet Fetish Heels!
Okay! She's ready!!


Bulb Syringes
... great for quickies! Very effective for pre-play prep and just all around (pardon the pun) douche and enema fun! The squirt caused by these syringes can also add a new "delight" especially when it's with cold (or very warm) water! Make sure the "patient"  is securely "fastened" to avoid sudden turbulence!


Stretch... S-T-R-E-T-C-H... S__T__R__E__T__C__H! The anal rectal dilators  are designed for graduated stretching of the anal muscle... the sizes start at 1 inch diameter and gradually go up to 2 inches diameter. Their shape and design are very efficient  in their ability to stretch slowly while achieving a surprising sensation!

Largest Dilator

Our anal/rectal dilators set...


Looking for some "water closet" reading?

Sitting on the "loo" with nothing to do?

Well, then, be sure to check out our Enema Edition 1 and Enema Edition 2 of our quarterly newsletters! 



Visit our on-line Medical Fetish Library for more information and "how-to's"


Remember: what goes in, must come out... so be sure to have a place for it to go!
We have a few ideas in the clinic supplies page, such as bedpans and our easy clean up underpads . Don't forget the gloves!


Mmmm... I just love Dr. Higginson... and his nozzle!

Oh... were you looking for more anal play, butt toys and enema items? Well, as everyone knows, is the original source and innovator of kinky clinic accessories. Check out the Clinic Supplies product page,  or just go to the handy complete product listings and choose from the many!

Good for the Nurse
If it's good for the patient, it's good for the Nurse!


A Bulb Syringe to the rescue....

Charlotte Brooke of loves our red 750cc Bulb Syringe!

By the way... you should see her in our Institutional Bondage Restraints,
including the Deprivation Hood on her website in
the video called, 8 Hours Caged II...

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Higginson Enema Nozzle
Higginson Enema Nozzle

This is called the Higginson enema it is a complete enema system designed to feed the liquid for the enema from any type of container, can or bucket. Squeeze the center pump and the built-in one way flow valve pulls the liquid in with every squeeze, then flushes the liquid in upon release. It gives a rush of the flush as it goes! Designed uniquely for use with the old enema cans or enema buckets, the Higginson is truly a unique addition to any aficionado's Medical Fetish and enema collection!

Higginson Enema Nozzle
Item # 300-7015
Price: $21.95 only $17.95

Bulb Syringe with two stimulation attachmts
6.5 oz. Silicone Bulb Syringe
 with Two Stimulation Attachments

Multiple choices! Two ways to flush... the bulb syringe holds 6.5 oz. / 0.18 kg. of fluid and the two attachments can screw on for different effects and sensations! One is curved for ease of positioning deep within and the other is designed for a bumpy wild ride!
  • 7.25” x 1.25” / 18 cm x 3 cm (curved attachment)
  • 6.5” x 1.25” / 17 cm x 3 cm (graduated attachment)
  • Body safe, hygienically superior cleaning system
  • Attachments are curved for comfort and reach
  • Easy squeeze Silicone bulb
  • Disassembles for easy cleaning
  • Phthalate-Free PVC (attachments, ring)

Silicone Bulb Syringe
w/ 2 attachments

Item #300-7012
Price: $29.95



Enema Tips Collection Set

Variety is the spice of life! So why not add some variety to the enema? With this complete kit of enema tips and the handy adapter connector for tubing or enemas, nozzles, etc. every enema can have a different effect or sensation! What an idea!! 

Item #300-2022 

Black Enema Tip Set

Price: $26.00

Enema-Douche Syringe
Black Enema-Douche Syringe

The most convenient way to flush before play... this unique douche/enema bottle has two types of nozzles and also comes with two adapters to allow use with other enemas. All of this versatility for so little! Great for vaginal douching, too!

Bulb: 5.5" height
  9.5" in circumference
Nozzle: Approx. 5.25" long
 2.5" in circumference

Black Enema/Douche Syringe
Item #300-7005 
Price: $16.95

Anal Rectal Dilator Set
 Anal/Rectal Dilators Set

Practice makes perfect... so they say, and practicing your anal/rectal stretching with this set of unique firm rubber, graduated sizes anal dilator set is an art form from long ago, now being reintroduced! This set is a replica of a set from the early 1900's--- Oh, dear! ...and here we thought we thought of this Medical Fetish fun stuff first?! 

Anal/Rectal Dilators
Item #300-6020
Price: $58.00 $29.95


Disposable Enema Kits

Easy to use, and perfect for travel... the disposable enema kit has a 1500 cc Flip-top bag with 60 inches of tubing attached! It also has an underpad and packet of Castile Soap.
We sell them in a convenient 3-pack! Don't leave home ever again without your enemas!

3-Pack of Disposable
Enema Bag Kits
Item #300-9100
Price: $16.95


Enema Nozzle and Enema Bag 
Classic Integrated Connectors

  #1 - 1/2" barb to 1/2" barb to connect our standard hoses to our gallon+ bags, etc.
Price: $4.00

#2 - 1/2" barb to 5/16" barb  to connect to
 1 1/2 Qt. Bag 
Price: $4.00

#3  - 5/16" barb to 5/16" barb 
 Price: $4.00

#4  - Y-connector - all three 1/2" barbs
Price: $5.00

#5 - Tapered fitting for Colon Tubes 1/2"
Price: $5.00

#6  - Tapered fitting for Colon Tubes 5/16"
Price: $5.00

Enema Connector Size Selections


Shower Shot with Dong Dildo attachment

Shower Shot Watersports
with Dong

A great way to surprise your partner in the shower! This water accessory easily installs onto any standard shower for an incredible burst of water pleasure and cleansing sensation. Screw the Spraying Water Dong into the chrome flex hose for a secure mount. The perforated soft jelly dong is 6.5" long with diameters up to 1.5" at the base. It attaches to the non-tarnishing, nickel-free flex hose that is almost 45 inches long. The washers are included to prevent any water leaks. Turn any shower into a watersports event!

Shower Shot with Dong
Item #300-7013
Price: $25.95

100cc Irrigation Syringe
100cc Irrigation Syringe

We have had so many request for a "really large plastic syringe for doing enema play" for years and the largest we could come up with was our 60cc Syringe... well now we have it!  Another 40cc's = a full 100cc plastic irrigation syringe with elongated tip. It's so sexy looking for "feeding" our medical fetishist's fantasies!

100 cc Irrigation Syringe
Item #260-4028
Price: $12.95


Huge Chrome Syringe
Looking for the ultimate "attention- getter" in the clinic? Well, just flash this large 6 oz. chrome syringe in their face and watch the reaction! Hook up a hose and go...

It comes with a removable splash guard and nozzle... no one will dare to call this a little squirt! This will definitely get attention!!

6 Oz. Chrome Syringe & Tips
Item #260-4030
 Price: $28.95 

Intimate Invasions Enema Book
Intimate Invasions
The erotic ins & outs of enema play book
by M.R. Strict

 The title says it all! Klismaphilia - enema play - is one of the last taboos of kinky sex, yet this style of play can be erotic, intense and safe. Between the anecdotes, M.R. Strict explains the psychology, physiology and safety issues of using enemas as a disciplinary scenario, part of a medical role-play, preparation for other forms of play or simply as exciting foreplay.

Intimate Invasions
Item # 660-3840 
Price: $14.95


 Fleet Enema
A prefilled 4.5 fl ounce enemas in disposable one-time use squeeze bottles, known as the Fleet Enema. Very convenient! Very effective! Great for pre-play!!

Fleet Enema
Item #300-6010
Price: $3.95


  Latex Gloves 

Yes, these are just what the Nurse ordered for playing it safe! It's the snap of the latex glove that gets everyone's attention... they'll keep you nice and clean and your patient nice and nervous! They're perfect for anal-play, sound-play, cath-play, enema-play and much more... 

Disposable Latex Gloves
Price: $12.50/ Box of 100 Gloves

Latex Gloves Size Selections


IV Stand for Enema Bags
I.V. Stand

Perfect for easy adjusting of that heavy enema bag! This is a hospital grade, heavy duty, very sturdy and well-balanced, four wheel I.V. Stand. It is just what the clinic or exam room needs!

Because it is so well made, it holds enema bags, douches or almost anything else a naughty nurse or devious doc can imagine...  and won't tip over like the three wheel "less expensive" versions, we've seen!

Item #980-2015 
Price: $115.00


Rubber Syringe Bulb 750cc
We have a huge, rubber 26 ounces (750 cc) bulb syringe! It is made of heavy long lasting rubber with a narrow tapered nozzle. Just squeeze, allow fluid to fill, then squeeze it all out, deep in the rectum! It's MORE than what the Nurse ordered, but we know you'll love it... all of it! 

The tip is 3 1/2" long to the bulb and 5/8" wide at the top tapering to 1" at the bulb.
Black 26 oz. Bulb Syringe
Discontinued by Manufacturer


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